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The ARLHS Awards Program


The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, LLC (ARLHS) sponsors many categories of operating achievement awards for the lighthouse/lightship enthusiast in the Amateur Radio community. Lighthouse awards chasing is a good way to learn about the geography, history, or culture of lighthouses and lightships and places near and far. This is a brief summary of what the ARLHS has to offer. The general rules and requirements specific to an individual award are included with the description of each individual award. Award are administered by a volunteer manager who provides applicants with the award rules, application forms, certification of applicant’s submission, and issuance of appropriate award or endorsement. All ARLHS awards except the Activator Award are available to SWL’s on a “heard basis.” Note that although the term “lighthouse” is used most frequently throughout, for award purposes, we include lightships in this category. For the ARLHS official list of lights and their ARLHS numbers, please see the official “ARLHS World List of Light.

Available awards include:

General Rules <here>

Check Out the Awards Wall of Accomplishments <here>

Sample Certificates

ARLHS 2022 Activator of the Year Award Certificate

2019 ARLHS Activator of the Year Award for VE3CBK

ARLHS Certificate Gold ActivatorARLHS Gold Chaser Award

ARLHS Certificate Gold DXCC

ARLHS Certificate GOLD WAC
ARLHS Certificate Gold WAS
ARLHS Gold Worked Canadian Provinces