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Regarding ARLHS copyrights and logos, etc.

The ARLHS, LLC owns the copyrights and trademarks to the name Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, the acronym ARLHS, and the logo of the ARLHS (the yellow circle with the lighthouse in the middle).  [As a side note, under the revised International Copyright Convention, it is no longer necessary to display the copyright symbol (the letter “C” with a circle) to designate copyrighted material.]

One of the benefits of being an ACTIVE MEMBER of the Society is that full reproduction rights are granted along with your membership.  This means that your dues entitle you to use the logo on QSL cards, stationery, web site, and articles of clothing.

Once your membership expires, however, these rights are terminated, and the logo may no longer be used. In NO instance may a non-member use or reproduce the logo without special written permission from ARLHS, LLC.

The logo represents an asset of the Society and, as such, it has a certain legal and financial value. It is incumbent upon the leadership of the Society to protect that asset, thus protecting the rights and the investment of the membership.

We raise this issue now for clarification because there are several non-members who have chosen to display the ARLHS logo on their QSL’s and to pretend that they are members of the society.  Some web sites, too, are displaying the logo without being a member and without our permission. While this is flattering to some degree and, some may think, is beneficial in spreading the recognition of the Society, it is nevertheless intruding on the rights of our active membership and is a violation of international law.

When discovered, we must warn these entities of their apparent violation and ask them to refrain from the illegal use of the logo. If they do not comply, we have no other alternative but to seek legal recourse.  This is necessary to safeguard the investment and benefits of the active membership. We are sure the membership would want their privileges protected.

Finally, we are asked how this applies to the use of ARLHS World List of Lights.  The WLOL, while protected by copyright, is available for use by everyone, members and nonmembers alike. It’s data may be freely used, posted, and printed by any individual provided that such use is not for personal or commercial gain or profit. The database itself may be linked to on the ARLHS web site, or the data may be copied in part but must not be downloaded to reside on another web site.