Celebrating National Lighthouse Day

Coinciding with the US National Lighthouse Day, the US National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW) is an annual lighthouse operating and activation opportunity celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of the United States federal lighthouse service. This is a day to celebrate lighthouses, lightships and the commitment and service of those who tended America’s lights for generations.


National Lighthouse Day is unofficially August 7th each year. This is Saturday August 7th for 2021 making this year’s weekend event August 7th and 8th. If you are considering operating for the NLLW for 2021, put these dates on your calendar…

August 7th & 8th

Radio ‘Weather’ for this weekend

As usual there is no shortage of other operating activities this weekend including the popular North American QSO Party CW mode. Review WA7BNM’s Contest Calendar for other events competing for the bands.

As this is an operating event and not a contest, all amateur radio bands are available including the WARC bands.


Interested? Plan on helping celebrate the National Lighthouse Day by coordinating with administrators of your favorite lighthouse to set up a temporary radio station and get that light on the air.