The ARLHS maintains a catalog of lighthouses called The World List of Lights (WLOL). Its main feature is a short, and easily transmitted identification number for each lighthouse. The WLOL lists any lighthouse that is or was an Aid to Navigation (ATN) and can reasonably accommodate an amateur radio operation. Lights that are no longer in existence, but were once an ATN, also show up on the list, designated as historical. With over 15,000 entries, the WLOL is one of the most complete lighthouse catalogs in existence.

The WLOL contains identifying information on qualifying lights plus:

  • List of past, present and future activations reported by amateur radio operators;
  • Light lists organized by state, dx-country, and alphabet;
  • Parametric search form plus search engine

Have a new light you think belongs in the WLOL? We have an online form to submit the details to the WLOL Committee.

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