Upcoming Activities

February – South American Lighthouse Weekend

Be sure to check the bands and spotting networks for our South American friends who will activate lights in their summertime event.

When: 18 to 20 Feb, 2022


Post your activation details today.

Report your activation (past, present and future)

To share your activation report with others, please fill in the form at the bottom of the light’s web page on the World List of Lights (WLOL).  Once approved by ARLHS admin, timely activations will appear on the WLOL main page, and on the light’s information page.

Bob Crawford, SK

Article by KA3UNQ

ARLHS Purpose

The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS) is devoted to maritime communications, amateur radio, lighthouses, and lightships. Its members travel to lighthouses around the world where they operate amateur radio equipment at or near the light. Collecting lighthouse QSLs is popular for some amateur radio operators. ARLHS is a membership organization with over 1665 members worldwide.  Key points include:

  • To promote public awareness of the role ham radio and light beacons have played in assisting and maintaining safety at sea;
  • To preserve the heritage and history of lighthouses and lightships;
  • To aid in preserving those lights in danger of destruction or decay;
  • To recognize the keepers of the lights as maritime heroes;
  • To foster camaraderie within the ham fraternity;
  • To provide fellowship amongst nations and members of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.

Directory of light, lighthouses and lightships

The ARLHS maintains a catalog of lighthouses called The World List of Lights (WLOL). Its main feature is a short, and easily transmitted identification number for each lighthouse. The WLOL lists any lighthouse that is or was an Aid to Navigation (ATN) and can reasonably accommodate an amateur radio operation. Lights that are no longer in existence, but were once an ATN, also show up on the list, designated as historical. With over 15,000 entries, the WLOL is one of the most complete lighthouse catalogs in existence.


The ARLHS was founded by Jim Weidner, K2JXW, in 2000.