1. This is a certificate for the lighthouse station activator who has activated 10 or more lighthouses for the ARLHS Awards Program. Following the basic award, endorsements by 20 may be received up to a total of 90. At the 100 level, a special gold “Century Club Award” is given. All lighthouses activated can be claimed as worked, whether by an individual or team effort (all operators will receive credit for activating the lighthouse). Two stations must be worked from each light activated. The ARLHS Activator Award is not available to SWL’s.

2. All ARLHS General Rules and requirements are applicable.

3. All lighthouse operations for this award must have been made from the area of the light or beacon in accordance with the ARLHS definition of such at the time of operation. Currently, this is defined as being “within visual sight of the light or beacon.” Beginning February 1, 2002, the following criteria apply:

Physical presence on the property is preferred, of course; but a property adjacent to that of the light is also acceptable. However, operation within a distance not to exceed 1000 meters (or 1100 yards or 3300 feet) must in any case be utilized, with the following possible exception: In situations where these alternatives are not physically possible, are dangerous, or are prohibited, the distance rule is suspended and the operation should take place as close as physically possible while at the same time ensuring safe operation and abidance to all laws.

4. Application Procedure (Please follow carefully)

* The Activator Application Form (pp. 18-19) must be submitted to the Awards Manager (see Application Form for address).

* Two (2) stations that you worked from each lighthouse must be listed on the application form.

* All applications must include the appropriate fee(s):

  • $2.00 for each certificate for ARLHS members;
  • $5.00 for nonmembers (includes shipping and handling).

The cost for ALL endorsement seals (and award upgrades) is $2.00 for U.S. stations and $3.00 for DX stations, both member and nonmember. All applications require US currency, U.S. checks, International Money Orders, or U.S. Money Orders made payable to: ARLHS, LLC. IRCs are acceptable for return postage funds only.