We originally produced a booklet with all the lights and their ARLHS numbers. Since that time, however, the list has grown and grown to the point that it now has over 10,000 listings — quite a volume and too large to print. Furthermore, the same data are available on line for free, so there seems to be little interest in printing a copy for sale. You can view our database for all the world’s lights by going to page 10 of the ARLHS web site. It should then be an easy matter to download and print out the list of lights for whatever country you wish.

There have also been several postings from Ted, W8TTS, our list manager. Ted maintains a TXT csv file as well as a log file compatible with the DX4WIN program. Both are downloadable from his web site.

The ARLHS online database of lights and numbers is updated DAILY and is added to, corrected, and edited every time someone sends us notice of an error or new discovery. It is as complete, accurate, and authentic as we can make it — so much so that it has become the “de facto” standard light list on the Internet.