Worked All States – Lighthouse
(WAS-LH) Award Rules

1. The WAS-LH (Worked All States- Lighthouse) Award is available to
all amateurs worldwide who submit logs as written confirmation of having
contacted a lighthouse station in all states (33) that have lighthouses. The basic
award will be issued for 11 states with endorsements by 11 until all 33 are
worked. To encourage increased activity and station improvement throughout
the bands, contacts on all amateur bands are accepted, including the WARC
bands. The 5-Band WAS-LH certificate and plaque, however, are available for
working all states on only the 5 primary amateur bands (80, 40, 20, 15, 10).
The WAS-LH is available to SWL’s on a heard basis.

2. All ARLHS General Rules and requirements are applicable.

3. Contacts may be made over any period of years. Contacts must be
confirmed in writing, preferably in the form of QSL cards. Photocopies are

4. Application Procedure (Please follow carefully)
*The WAS-LH Application Form (pp. 32-33) must be submitted to the
WAS-LH Awards Manager (see Application Form for address).

* If QSL cards are sent, they must be accompanied by sufficient postage
for their safe return (registered mail is recommended because it is traceable).
Photocopies of QSL cards are permitted and recommended.

* All applications sent must include the appropriate fee(s):

+ $2.00 for each WAS-LH certificate for ARLHS members and $5.00
for nonmembers (includes shipping and handling).

+ The cost for ALL endorsement seals (and award upgrades) is $2.00
for U.S. stations and $3.00 for DX stations, both member and nonmember.

+ All applications require US currency, U.S. checks, International
Money Orders, or U.S. Money Orders made payable to: ARLHS, LLC. IRCs are acceptable for return postage funds only.