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August 1 & 2
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

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The International Lighthouse-Lightship Week Organization (ILLW)
is proud of the societies and organizations listed above for the
contributions they have made to ham radio and light beacons.

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Intercontinental Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend
August 1 & 2
Intercontinental Lighthouse-Lightship Week
August 1 - 8

To promote public awareness of ham radio and lighthouses; to contribute to the recognition that lighthouses, lightships, and their keepers deserve; to foster camaraderie within the ham fraternity;
and to provide fellowship amongst the members of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

0001 hrs UTC on   August 1 through 2359 hrs UTC on August 2.  
NOTE:  Hereafter, the first week in August each year, beginning August 1st through August 8th, will be known as "Intercontinental Lighthouse-Lightship Week (ILLW)."

Any and all modes : SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK, FM, SSTV, etc.

Suggested SSB freqs: 1950-1990, 3950-3990, 7250-7290, 14.250-14.290, 21.350-21.390, 28.350-28.390
(Calling  on the centered 0.70 kHz on each band — Example: 14.270.)

Suggested CW center freqs: 1830, 3530, 7030, 14.030, 21.030, 28.030
These are center calling frequencies. Work 20 kHz each side of center.

Digital modes: 1838, 3580, 7035, 10.040, 14.070, 18.100, 21.080, 24.920, 28.070
Slow Scan TV (SSTV): 14.230, 14.233
RTTY: 14.080 and other standard RTTY frequencies.

The frequencies above are suggestions only and are based on the USA band plan.
You are free to use whatever frequencies your country and license class allow.

IMPORTANT: Answers to some common scoring questions can be found on the ARLHS Scoring FAQ page at

Each contact (member or nonmember) = 1 pt.
*** Add an additional 1 point if contact is on CW, SSTV, or digital modes.
Add 2 points additional if contact is with an ARLHS member
Add 3 points additional if contact is with a lighthouse or lightship
BONUS for activating a light: As an incentive for participants to activate a light beacon, we are instituting a multiplier. If you activate a lighthouse or lightship under the rules of the ARLHS, you qualify for an additional 2x multiplier of your total score (as determined above). If for example your base score is 600 points and these were all accumulated by your operation at one of the recognized ARLHS lights (see the ARLHS World List), multiply your 600 points x 2 = 1200 points final score. This will be indicated on the final scoring cover sheet, which MUST be attached for log to qualify — see section below under "Log Submissions" for detailed guidelines about submitting your log and score sheet.

A  sample log sheet in Microsoft Excel (XLS) format can be found  on the ARLHS web site, but you can use whatever format is most comfortable for you. You do NOT have to use the sample log sheet, provided that all the usual, pertinent information is obvious.  Whatever log format you use, you MUST always attach as a top sheet a Scoring Summary Cover Sheet (see ) as the cover sheet for each log.  See "Log Submissions" below for more logging details.

You work ARLHS member #155 who is at lighthouse ARLHS USA-701.
Your score for this contact is 1 pt for the contact, plus 2 points
for working a member, plus 3 points for working a lighthouse.
Total score for this QSO = 6 points.
Answers to some other common scoring questions can be found on the Scoring FAQ page at

ARLHS members send call sign, member number, and state/province/country
Non-members send call, sequential contact number, and state/province/country
Lighthouse/Lightship Stations send call, ARLHS lighthouse name, ARLHS number, and state/province/country

Log submission deadline date: Postmark by August 31.
Send logs to the Contest Manager:
Dave Ruch, NFØJ
P.O. Box 20696
Bloomington, MN 55420-0696

Prior registration is NO LONGER
required for this event.