Ham Radio -- Communicating
With The World's Lighthouses

December 21, 2012, thru January 2, 2013
Lighthouse Christmas Lights [LCL]
Lighthouse Christmas Lights guidelines.
This annual popular event is designed to chase away those winter blues in the Northern Hemisphere. First Prize, second, and third prizes for members and non-members.
See also December QST "Contest Corale."

[SPECIAL EVENT -- NOT a contest]
February 14, 2013
Valentines OM-YL Fun Day
OM's work YL's and vice versa.
No scoring. Not a contest.

MARCH 23 thru March 31, 2013
Lighthouse Spring Lites QSO Party
Click here for
Guidelines for the ARLHS Spring Lites QSO Party.

[SPECIAL EVENT -- NOT a contest]
May 25 - May 27, 2013
Memorial Day USA celebration.
In honor of our deceased vets.
Work as many hams as you can. No rules
or logs. Not a contest. Just have fun.

[SPECIAL EVENT -- NOT a contest]
JUNE 21 through June 23, 2013
Summer Solstice SweepStakes [SSSS]
Go HERE for Guidelines
for the ARLHS Summer Solstice SweepStakes.

AUGUST 1 through AUGUST 8, annually
ILLW International Lighthouse-Lightship Week
The ILLW event runs for a full week, known as "The International Lighthouse-Lightship Week" or ILLW. These dates include the August 7th date that is considered "National Lighthouse Day," during which many lights are open to the public.

The ILLW weekend QSO Party Contest
August 4 & 5
A weekend contest: Go here for operating and scoring guidelines.
See also August

December 21, 2012, through January 2, 2013
Click here
for the 2012 Lighthouse Christmas Lights prizes, logging rules, and guidelines
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